February 17, 2006

CALIFORNIA: Governor Candidate Campaigns on "Clean California" Plan

Politicians are offering new visions of the future that include flex-fuel vehicles, choices at the filling station, investment options, and incentives for businesses and consumers alike who participate in the scheme.

The Sacramento Bee reports on an "ambitious proposal" offered by State Treasurer and gubernatorial hopeful Phil Angelides for getting California on the road to more fuel choices and a reduction of dependence on fossil fuels.

Excerpts from the article are listed below...


Angelides' clean dream
Democratic gubernatorial hopeful unveils plan to cut state's oil use by 25 percent.

By Laura Mecoy -- Bee Los Angeles Bureau
Friday, February 17, 2006

SANTA MONICA - Vowing to be "pro-business and pro-environment," Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Phil Angelides unveiled a "Clean California" plan Thursday that seeks to cut the state's oil consumption by 25 percent over 10 years.
His ambitious proposal would change the type of cars Californians drive, the way their communities grow and the energy choices they can make.

"This is a plan about choices," the state treasurer said at a news conference at a production company that works on environmental projects.

"It's about pushing the marketplace to give Californians more choices that they don't have today."

Joined by actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., Angelides said that if he is elected governor, he will introduce legislation to mandate all new vehicles sold in the state be flexible fuel cars, capable of running on any mix of gasoline and bio-fuels, such as ethanol.

He said he would also require major oil companies to supply bio-fuels at filling stations to match the number of flexible fuel vehicles on the road.

In addition, Angelides said he would require state and local governments to purchase vehicles that use alternative fuels, or to buy efficient vehicles, such as hybrids, when replacing or expanding their fleets.

He said California has 26 million vehicles consuming 15 billion gallons of gasoline a year, and that will rise to 36 million vehicles burning nearly 18 billion gallons of gasoline in 20 years if the state's residents don't change.

Angelides also said he would... increase partnerships and investments to encourage the creation of clean fuels and technology. He said he would provide incentives to encourage fuel-efficient choices by business and consumers.

He said he would also seek an additional $1.5 billion investment from state and local pension plans in clean technology, alternative energy and energy efficiency.Angelides provided no estimate of the cost of his plan but predicted it would save money by lowering energy costs, creating new jobs and making the state more competitive.

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