July 31, 2006

July 2006 Digest

Despite being the world's leading consumer of ethanol (95% of which is imported), California cultivates very little corn. The corn that will be sugar fermented into ethanol at new in-state biorefineries will be trucked in from surrounding states. So the growth of ethanol production in California is dependent on localized deployment of biorefineries whose cellulosic feedstocks include not only agricultural and forestry waste but also unrecycled urban waste.

This sets the stage for the waste stream turf war between the entrenched recycling industry, landfill operators, and the broad-based conversion technology coalition headed by the L.A.-based BioEnergy Producers Association.

Two conferences held in Los Angeles recently provided an inside look at this turf war and are reviewed in a separate section of this month's digest.

Here is a Digest of articles posted on the BioConversion Blog during the month of July, 2006:

REVIEW: Two L.A. Alternative Energy Conferences------------
The Future of Alternative Fuels in California
Southern California Emerging Waste Technologies Forum
General Topics--------------
"Super Ethanol" Attracting Investment Attention
U.S. INFO: Seeking Money to Accelerate Energy Innovation
U.S. D.O.E.: Roadmap for Developing Cleaner Fuels
Research Tool for Assessing International Energy Agreements
Spinning “Gold” Out of Trash
Could Ethanol Boom Hurt the World's Poor?
Ethanol Net Energy Balance - A Response to Dr. Pimental
MIT: Redesigning Life to Make Ethanol

Ford Should Build Flexible Fueled, Plug in Hybrids

Around the Nation--------------
CALIFORNIA: Governor Announces BioEnergy Action Plan
CALIFORNIA: The Future of Alternative Fuels in CA?

Around the World--------------
BRAZIL: Impact of the Ethanol Gold Rush
INDONESIA: $22 Billion on Biofuels by 2010
ASIA: Linking Asian Climate Change to Energy Future
EUROPE: Report on Bioenergy and the Environment

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