April 1, 2007

Biopact: April 2007 Digest

Biopact Blog writes many stories that are relevant to the study of BIOstock, BIOconversion, BIOoutput, and BIOwaste.

Rather than summarize and reprint excerpts from this excellent source of information, a breakdown of each month's most relevant titles is provided in one updated article...

A closer look at Social Impact Assessments of large biofuel projects
The mobile pellet plant

Scientists break down lignin to enter a world of sugar and energy
Top FAO and UN experts to weigh benefits and perils of bioenergy
Swiss technology institute launches ‘Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels'
Climate change is a national security issue - report
A closer look at China's biomass power plants
Biomass gasification to power rural India out of energy poverty
UN environment chief backs EU's biofuels plan, urges environmentalists to drop 'simplistic' views
Satellites play vital role in understanding the carbon cycle
Dupont outlines strategy for mass adoption of biofuels
New class of enzymes discovered that could increase efficiency of cellulosic ethanol production

Giant reversible swelling of nanoporous materials discovered
Carbon capture experiment begins in Germany
The bioeconomy at work: Dutch biorefinery project CATCHBIO receives first nod
US and EU to partner on commoditisation, standardisation of biofuels
US wood pellet industry eyes exports to EU
The bioeconomy at work: robust bioplastic used for off-shore oil riser pipes
In case of total oil embargo, US military could remain operational thanks to synthetic (bio)fuels
Researchers propose Green Biofuels Index
Biochar soil sequestration and pyrolysis most climate-friendly way to use biomass for energy
Fuel testing shows biobutanol performance similar to unleaded gasoline

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