May 1, 2007

Biopact: May 2007 Digest

Biopact Blog writes many stories that are relevant to the study of BIOstock, BIOconversion, BIOoutput, and BIOwaste.

Rather than summarize and reprint excerpts from this excellent source of information, a breakdown of each month's most relevant titles is provided in one updated article...

Brazil demonstrating that reducing tropical deforestation is possible while expanding biofuels
Dedini achieves breakthrough: cellulosic ethanol from bagasse at $27cents per liter ($1/gallon)

US DOE announces up to US$200 million in funding for small biorefineries
IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: mitigation of climate change
World's first carbon-negative energy system planned in Netherlands: biomass with carbon capture
Dupont outlines strategy for mass adoption of biofuels
Little Green Data Book 2007 focuses on emissions and energy
President Bush orders development of regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles - boost to biofuels
Report: clean coal and CCS 'feasible' in the UK - towards carbon negative energy?
World energy use to grow 57 percent between 2004 and 2030 - EIA
U.S. House proposes US$4.5 billion for biomass research, biorefineries
Boost to biohydrogen: high yield production from starch by synthetic enzymes
UPM and Andritz/Carbona team up to develop synthetic biofuels
Back to black: hydrothermal carbonisation of biomass to clean up CO2 emissions from the past
Engineering students patent promising plasma processing techniques to produce biofuels
Green designer coal: more on hydrothermal carbonisation of biomass

Third generation biofuels: scientists patent corn variety with embedded cellulase enzymes
The bioeconomy at work: bio-composites for home insulation made from mushrooms and starch
CO2 balance of large-scale electricity production: nuclear good, biogas best
Metabolix to develop bioplastics from sugarcane
Biofuels becoming a headache for OPEC
World's first ethanol powered fuel cell vehicle gets 2716 km/l (6,491mpg)
The bioeconomy at work: Toyota's i-Unit made from kenaf-reinforced bioplastic
UK outlines Biomass Strategy: large potential for bioenergy, bioproducts
Research warns 'dangerous climate change' may be imminent - carbon negative bioenergy now

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