June 30, 2007

June 2007 Digest

Vision plus Collaboration Form a Sustainable Industry

"Renewable Energy promotes world peace."

Those are the words of BBI International CEO Mike Bryan as he opened the Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) conference in St. Louis last week. What followed was two days spent assimilating the industry's breathtaking advances this year while inspiring multi-sector collaboration and environmental sustainability commitment for the future.

The location's landmark "Gateway Arch"
was emblematic of the overarching character of the renewable biofuels industry - powerful yet clean, visionary yet achievable, classic yet romantic, inspirational yet built on a firm foundation melding science and innovation.

Society expects many interconnected industries to deliver alternatives that will break the nation's addiction to oil while mitigating greenhouse gases - cleaner energy production techniques, new low emissions vehicles, and new environmental stewardship programs to name a few.

The fossil energy paradigm was not built in a year, nor will the renewable energy paradigm be. But the explosive rush of collaborative workshops and expos will shorten the time of deployment by fostering a strong network of communication between active participants.

Below are links to stories that made June 2007 memorable.

BIOstock Blog--------------
· Forest certification programs: FSC, SFI, and Tree Farm
· Salvaging wood from natural disasters
· Nexterra Gasifies Wood Residue-to-Fuel

BIOconversion Blog--------------
· U.S. Congress unanimous - "Make 25x'25 happen!"
· Diversa and Celunol merge diversified enzyme portfolios
· U.S. D.O.E. funds 3 Bioenergy Research Centers
· U.S. D.O.E./E.I.A. International Energy Outlook 2007
· Fuel Ethanol Workshop promotes vision and collaboration

BIOoutput Blog--------------
· U.S. Congress introduces Federal RPS legislation
· Bioethanol or Biodiesel - Which is better?
· Pipeline research for ethanol transport
· Ethanol Boosting Systems for Automobiles
· GM's "green image" challenge in L.A.

BIOwaste Blog--------------
· Green Waste Gasified to Electricity in CA

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