August 1, 2007

Biopact: August 2007 Digest

Biopact Blog writes many stories that are relevant to the study of BIOstock, BIOconversion, BIOoutput, and BIOwaste.

Rather than summarize and reprint excerpts from this excellent source of information, a breakdown of each month's most relevant titles is provided in one updated article...

Dynamotive and Mitsubishi Corporation sign cooperation agreement
Interpellets 2007: conference looks at wood pellets as an alternative to fossil fuels
Technip to engineer biomass power plant that will run on dedicated energy grass
Forest genetics researchers to sequence and catalog conifer genes for future biofuels research
Efficient timber harvester delivers wood chips on the spot, improves biomass logistics
Mitsubishi Corp creates firm to produce biomass pellets
Guide to installing wood pellet heating systems in green buildings
BioWeb launched: new information resource will help develop biobased economy
Volvo releases comprehensive analysis of seven biofuels for use in carbon-neutral trucks

U.S. House passes Energy Bill: boost to biofuels, CCS and renewables
Shell and Virent to cooperate on production of hydrogen from biomass
Belgian-Dutch partnership to develop 5MW biocoal project
Japan's RITE develops cellulosic biobutanol technology
Sun Grant Initiative funds 17 bioenergy research projects
Australia's EPA approves largest geosequestration trial, report warns for leakage risks

Worldwatch Institute: biofuels may bring major benefits to world's rural poor
Expert: 'net energy' - a useless, misleading and dangerous metric
Researchers: cellulosic biofuels already cost-competitive
Terra preta and the future of energy: the Secret of El Dorado
Volvo releases comprehensive analysis of seven biofuels for use in carbon-neutral trucks

Steps to biorefining: new products from biofuel leftovers

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