December 24, 2005

Canada Looks Set To Require Ethanol in Gasoline

A pro-ethanol stance is apparently a non-partisan issue north of the U.S. border. This just in from the Environmental News Network...

Canada Looks Set To Require Ethanol in Gasoline

December 22, 2005 — By Reuters
OTTAWA — Canada looks set to require that biofuels be included in all gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the country following nearly identical election campaign promises made by the two leading political parties.

Both Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin, Tuesday, and Conservative leader Stephen Harper, Wednesday, said they would require that renewable fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, make up 5 percent gasoline and diesel fuel.

Harper said he would do it, if elected, by 2010. Martin pledged to do it by the end of 2010.

Three of Canada's 10 provinces -- Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba -- already require some renewable fuels but there is not a national standard.

Husky Energy Inc. is one of Canada's biggest producers of ethanol, which is made from grain or other plant sources. Biodiesel is a diesel fuel made from vegetable oils such as soybean oil or animal fats.

Harper also pledged to add C$500 million ($425 million) a year to farm support programs. He said he would replace the current farm income stabilization program with a more streamlined version and introduce a separate disaster relief program.

Election day is Jan. 23.

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