March 8, 2006

CLEAN EDGE: Global Biofuels Market to Grow 3.3x to $52.5 Billion by 2015

With passage of last year's Energy Bill and the promotion of an Advanced Energy Initiative - not to mention advances in technology - now is the time to invest in the global biofuels market. That appears to be the recommendation of many respected sources and the conclusion of this Clean Edge Trends report:


Clean Edge's Annual Trends Report Finds that Global Clean Energy Revenues Soared to $40 Billion in 2005
March 7, 2006
Source: Clean Edge News

Markets for biofuels, photovoltaics, wind energy, and fuel cells are poised to expand four-fold in the next decade, growing from $40 billion in global revenues in 2005 to $167 billion by 2015, according to a report released today by Clean Edge, Inc. The research and publishing firm has issued its annual Clean Energy Trends report since 2002.

For the first time, the 2006 report tracks the burgeoning biofuels market (ethanol and biodiesel), which Clean Edge reports hit $15.7 billion globally in 2005 and is projected to grow to $52.5 billion by 2015. Up more than 15 percent from 2004, biofuels exceeded wind or solar in 2005 global revenues. Clean Edge projects that markets for solar photovoltaics (modules, system components, and installations) will grow from $11.2 billion in 2005 to $51.1 billion by 2015; wind power installations will expand from $11.8 billion last year to $48.5 billion in 2015; and fuel cells and distributed hydrogen will grow from $1.2 billion in 2005 to $15.1 billion by 2015.

The free report, entitled Clean Energy Trends 2006 examines factors that are influencing clean-energy market growth and tracks five key trends:

  • Clean Energy Becomes a U. S. Security Issue

  • Innovation Stretches Silicon for Solar

  • Renewables Cross a Tipping Point

  • Flex Fuels Gain Power and Speed

  • China and India Loom Large

  • Clean Edge, in collaboration with Nth Power, a leading energy-tech venture firm, also released Nth Power’s annual energy-tech venture data. This year’s findings, contained in “Clean Energy Trends 2006,” show that venture capital (VC) investors poured $917 million, an increase of approximately 28 percent from 2004, into more than 80 private companies. These investments, primarily in distributed energy, energy intelligence, power reliability, advanced materials and nanotechnology and related services, represented more than 4 percent of the $21.7 billion U.S. venture capital market, up from 3.3 percent in 2004.

    “2005 marked a sharp rise in venture capital dollars invested in energy-tech companies,” explains Rodrigo Prudencio, principal, Nth Power. “Each of the five principal energy-tech categories rose from 2004 and are getting a bigger slice of the venture capital pie.”

    “Last year was a seminal point in the growth of the clean energy markets, as investors, innovations, and industries converged to dominate the headlines,” explains Clean Edge co-founder Ron Pernick. “With clean energy reaching price parity with “dirty” counterparts and solar claiming the three largest tech IPOs in 2005, it’s clear that clean energy is becoming a critical and lucrative factor in the global economy.”


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