March 22, 2006

States with Renewable Fuels Standard Initiatives are Increasing

Green Car Congress has published the map above showing the "states with Renewable Fuels Standard initiatives. Dark green are states where the law is enacted, light green are in legislative process." Montana passed an act requiring E10 but it won't go into effect until the state begins producing a certain minimum volume of ethanol.

There will be fits and starts on these initiatives as politicians test the waters with their constituents and their interest groups. For instance, Wisconsin just defeated its RFS E10 initiative, AB 15 but within the same month passed legislation requiring utilities to generate 10 percent of their electricity from renewable fuels by 2015. Idaho suffered a similar setback. However, public opinion and political pressure for renewables is clearly mounting. Hawaii which desperately needs to establish a renewable fuels industry may become the second state to enact RFS E10 legislation on April 2.


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