April 15, 2006

ACE's State-by-State Ethanol Handbook

The American Coalition for Ethanol is a member-based association dedicated to the use and production of ethanol. They have published an online PDF handbook that details the current status of ethanol plants and production throughout the 50 states.

Welcome to the first edition of the ACE Ethanol Handbook, a state-by-state ethanol reference guide published by the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE).
This is the only publication of its kind that provides up-to-date and complete information about U.S. ethanol production, marketing, and use, as well as petroleum refining and marketing on a state-by-state basis. Furthermore, the publication summarizes the public policies and regulations states have adopted affecting ethanol production and use, including retail pump labeling requirements for ethanol-blended fuel, production incentives, and state laws requiring ethanol use.
We intend this reference guide to serve as a valuable resource for the media, petroleum marketers, policymakers, and others who want to acquire a better understanding of ethanol production and use in the nation.

Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President
American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE)


ACE's State-by-State Ethanol Handbook

What’s Inside?
The U.S. ethanol industry is experiencing rapid change, and as the industry evolves, stakeholders need to have access to the latest and most comprehensive information. The ACE Ethanol Handbook includes state-by-state data on:
• Gasoline use
• Ethanol-blended fuel use
• Total potential ethanol use in E10 blends
• Specifics of retail labeling requirements for ethanol-blended fuel
• Ethanol production statistics
• Laws and regulations relating to ethanol production and use
• Number of refueling stations supplying E85
• Total corn production and estimates of corn-for-ethanol
• Upstream petroleum supply data
• Major product pipelines for crude and gasoline
• Downstream petroleum refining and marketing data
The data contained in this reference guide will be updated on an annual basis.


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