April 27, 2006

AFRICA: Growing Biofuel

Thanks to Alternative Source for locating this article on the practical challenges of starting a biofuels facility.

Africa may be the last continent to embrace biofuel conversion technology largescale. But with abundant labor and growing demand for energy, infrastructure, and jobs, it could be the biggest success story.

The article published online by EcoWorld explains the main criteria necessary for starting a biofuels business and goes on to detail a checklist for commercial viability of a jatropha plantation for production of biodiesel.


Growing Biofuel
by Louis Strydom

More than 50% of the vast continent of Africa may support biofuel crops. But success depends on many factors.

This article by biodiesel entrepreneur Louis Strydom, who is endeavoring to establish a biodiesel plantation and refinery on a massive scale in Kenya, serves as a sobering reminder of how many factors have to be aligned before biodiesel fuel moves from dream to reality. Ultimately, biodiesel plantations have to be profitable, and the requirements for success are myriad.

General Criteria for a Viable Biofuel Operation:

• Not Dependent on Subsidies
• Vertical Integration of Farms and Refinery
• Location in Developing Nation
• Large Scale
• Perennial Crop
• Local Market for Biofuel Sales

Louis Strydom is an expert in new venture creation and project finance with wide experience on projects in the developing world. One of Louis' main projects for the last year has been conducting a pre-feasibility study and promotion of a 230,000 acre site for a Jatropha plantation and biodiesel refinery in Kenya.



Lisa said...

And if you're interested in converting your diesel engine to run on veggie or biodiesel, we Los Angeles Greens just had a forum on it for Earth Day.

LoveCraft Biofuels in Silverlake is swamped with requests. They have converted 350 cars so far, doing 3 a day. the average cost is $700

Links here:

Anonymous said...

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