May 18, 2006

Renewable Energy Programs & Tariffs - Regulator's Handbook

If God is in the details, then this manual is the proving ground for angels. From the Center for Resource Solutions comes a comprehensive guide to regulations and best practices for renewable energy programs and tariffs. It is filled with comparison charts showing the state-by-state policy differences and case studies of specific programs around the United States.

Those interested in this subject might also be interested in a prior comparison article on Renewable Electricity Standards Compared by State.


Regulator's Handbook on
Renewable Energy Programs & Tariffs

This handbook is for regulators involved in the design of renewable energy programs, with a focus on tariffs. It suggests best practices for renewable energy program design and tariff setting and highlights successful renewable energy programs in a series of case studies. This handbook is divided into sections that can be read sequentially or referred to individually when particular issues arise.

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