June 1, 2006

INDIA: Mandatory Ethanol Blending Now Likely

Thanks to fellow blogger Konrad Imielinski of GoG2G blog for bird-dogging this story about India's attempt to supplement flagging oil supplies by mandating the blending of ethanol with its gasoline.

Currently, India is the world's fourth largest producer of ethanol following the United States, Brazil, and China.


Mandatory Ethanol Blending Now Likely

MUMBAI, MAY 8: In view of spiraling crude prices, the Centre plans to make blending of 5% ethanol with petrol mandatory by oil companies from October 2006 and, depending upon its success, expects to increase it to 10% from October 2007.

Oil companies on Monday held talks with ethanol producers and sugar cooperatives from Maharashtra to assess the current position and possible additions in future.

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