June 21, 2006

June 2006 Digest

The resolution of the world's energy problems will require not only the heavy lifting of engineering R&D and deployment, but also regulatory and incentive policy reform, and major investment secured by governmental guarantees.

Here is a Digest of articles posted on the BioConversion Blog during the month of June, 2006.
General Topics--------------
New NASDAQ Index for Tracking Clean-Energy Companies
Using Algae to Recycle Flue Gas into Biofuels
Syngas Fermentation - The Next Generation of Ethanol
BioEnergy Int'l Licenses Biocatalyst Technology to Purac
Ecological Community Loan Pool
Euro Environmentalists Warn Cure Worse than Disease
Worldwatch: We really are in the middle of a paradigm shift.

Mass Media Reviews--------------
MOVIE: Who Killed the Electric Car?

Around the Nation--------------

CALIFORNIA: San Diego Gas & Electric Adds Renewable Energy via Biomass

MINNESOTA: Law Endorses Flexible Fuel PHEV

Around the World--------------
INDIA: Mandatory Ethanol Blending Now Likely
JAPAN: From E3 to E10 by 2020
LAMNET: Latin America Thematic Network on Bioenergy
AFRICA: BioPact Promotes European/African Energy Collaboration

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