August 31, 2006

August 2006 Digest

The time has come for all stakeholders of environmental, energy, and waste disposal initiatives to come together to support the permitting and deployment of conversion technology (CT) facilities. As reported in MSW Management magazine, CTs offer society:
• Increased Recycling.
• Generation of Renewable Energy.
• Reduced Landfill Impacts.
• Offsets To Fossil Fuel Usage.
• Lower Air Emissions.
• Reduced Carbon Emissions.

Rarely are politicians offered such a cornucopia of positive impacts from the implementation of a single, advanced technological solution. Last March, the L.A. City Council voted unanimously to support RENEW L.A. - a 20-year plan to divert waste from landfills using CTs. Let your representatives in your community know that you expect them to act with one voice to support CTs.

Here is a Digest of articles posted on the BioConversion Blog during the month of August, 2006:

General Topics--------------
Conversion Technologies are Available Today
The Benefits of Conversion Technologies
BioConversion Stakeholders’ Gallery
Recycling’s “China Syndrome”
U.S. D.O.E. - $2 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy
Ethanol Costs will Go Down
U.S. D.O.E.: Funding Awards for Biofuels Research
Celunol's "wet" biomass conversion process
Coordinating International Bioenergy Research
Biofuel Production from Brownfields?
Organic Carbon Sinks -Terra Preta
Plasma Gasification and Incineration Compared
U.S. D.O.E.: Ethanol Growth Faster than Expected

Around the Nation--------------
CALIFORNIA: Identifying the New Environmentalists
CALIFORNIA: AB 32 - Capping Greenhouse Gas Emissions
PENNSYLVANIA: Co-locating Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol Plants
ILLINOIS: Governor's Energy Plan to create 30,000 Jobs

Around the World--------------
SOUTH AFRICA: Beating Poverty with Biofuel Jobs
AFRICA: "Green OPEC" to produce biofuels
AUSTRALIA: New Ethanol Blending Mandate
CANADA: Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Options
JAPAN: Cellulosic Ethanol Initiative Launched

Please forward a link to this digest to anyone you know who would be interested keeping track of change that will affect us all. They can add their name to the mailing list on the BioConversion Blog.

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