August 15, 2006

Coordinating International Bioenergy Research

IEA Bioenergy is an international collaboration that is building a gold mine of bioenergy research information. It assigns tasks to its members to answer specific bioenergy questions having to do with conversion of biomass to energy.

IEA Bioenergy was set up in 1978 by the International Energy Agency (IEA) with the aim of improving cooperation and information exchange between countries that have national programmes in bioenergy research, development and deployment.

Here are the current specific Tasks under study by IEA Bioenergy tasks forces:

Task 29: Socio-Economic Drivers in Implementing Bioenergy Projects

Task 30: Short Rotation Crops for Bioenergy Systems

Task 31: Biomass Production for Energy from Sustainable Forestry

Task 32: Biomass Combustion and Co-firing

Task 33: Thermal Gasification of Biomass

Task 34: Pyrolysis of Biomass

Task 36: Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste

Task 37: Energy from Biogas and Landfill Gas

Task 38: Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

Task 39: Liquid Biofuels from Biomass

Task 40: Sustainable International Bioenergy Trade: Securing Supply and Demand

Task 41: Bioenergy Systems Analysis

The International Energy Agency (IEA) acts as energy policy advisor to 26 member countries in their effort to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for their citizens. Founded during the oil crisis of 1973-74, the IEA’s initial role was to co-ordinate measures in times of oil supply emergencies. As energy markets have changed,so has the IEA. Its mandate has broadened to incorporate the “Three E’s” of balanced energy policy making: energy security, economic development and environmental protection. Current work focuses on climate change policies, market reform, energy technology collaboration and outreach to the rest of the world, especially major producers and consumers of energy like China, India, Russia and the OPEC countries. With a staff of around 150, mainly energy experts and statisticians from its 26 members countries, the IEA conducts a broad programme of energy research, data compilation, publications and public dissemination of the latest energy policy analysis and recommendations on good practices. IEA publications are known world wide for their objectivity.

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