January 24, 2007

ACORE: President Bush on Renewable Energy in 2007

While this year's State of the Union address had no memorable "addicted to oil" soundbites, it did include some notable goals for the renewable energy and fuels industries. His Twenty in Ten plan (reducing U.S. gasoline usage by 20% in the next ten years) is the kind of goal setting that we need to achieve significant change in the energy paradigm.

I recommend reading David Adams' article at "The Fueling Station" where he asks How green did he go? and then places it in the context of what it means in practical terms for the development of the cellulosic ethanol industry and biofuel imports.

I am a member of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), a membership nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. It is dedicated to bringing renewable energy into the mainstream of the US economy and lifestyle through information and communications programs.

At its annual Power-Gen Conference on Renewable Energy each year ACORE provides a common platform for the the renewable energy community - including renewable energy industries, associations, utilities, end users, professional service firms, financial institutions and government agencies. It's Biomass Coordinating Council holds a pre-conference meeting that alone is worth the price of admission.

I profited greatly from my participation last year and highly recommend attendance this year March 6-8, 2007 in Las Vegas - especially in light of the lift the industry has received from both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. I will be helping Price BIOstock Services with their presence at Booth 338 this year. Let me know if you are attending and please visit the booth.

Here is ACORE statement about the President's State of the Union Address commitments to renewable energy:

ACORE Supports President Bush's Renewable Energy Initiatives in State of the Union 2007

Washington, D.C. - President George W. Bush laid out a set of important programs and goals for a national shift to renewable energy and fuels in last night's State of the Union address.

The President laid out a comprehensive set of actions and goals to increase the use of renewable energy in America. He called for an increase in solar energy and wind power for electricity generation, and an increase in renewable fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol for more fuels.

Specifically, the President set a goal of reducing our gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years. He called for a mandatory target of 35 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2017, and to reform fuel economy standards for automobiles.

The President called for Americans to live our lives less dependent on oil, and to reduce the threat of global climate change.

The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) is pleased with this forward-stepping program for increased use of renewable energy.

"The President's program for renewable energy gets things going in the right direction for our country," said Michael Eckhart, ACORE President, who added, "but we can actually do much more."

ACORE, a 400-member non-profit organization, was formed five years ago to assume responsibility for the success of renewable energy in America, to bring renewable energy into the mainstream of our country, and to be for renewable energy and against nothing.

"The President took some bold steps in the right direction tonight," said John Geesman, Co-Chairman of the ACORE Board of Directors, "and we applaud him for it. We will continue working with all public leaders who see the path forward with renewable energy."

A new assessment of the potential for renewable energy, developed by 15 non-profit institutions and trade associations, indicates that renewable energy can contribute as much as 25% of US energy supplies by the year 2025, in accordance with a campaign by the Energy Future Coalition and recent legislation introduced by Senator Lugar of Indiana.

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