January 2, 2007

Biopact: January 2007 Digest

Biopact Blog writes many stories that are relevant to the study of BIOstock, BIOconversion, BIOoutput, and BIOwaste.

Rather than summarize and reprint excerpts from this excellent source of information, a breakdown of each month's most relevant titles is provided in one updated article...

A bad habit in the making: using coal to produce biofuels
Sweet potatoes and the carbohydrate economy
Nigeria's Ondo state and NNPC sign agreement on cassava ethanol production, release funds
An in-depth look at biofuels from algae
panding globally
Europe's forest growth exceeds wood demand for energy

INDIA: Notes on green energy and sustainability from the 94th Indian Science Congress
"Radical" biomass use urged to combat coal, carbon trading
Nigeria's renewables industry to generate 500,000 jobs
Syngenta and Diversa create partnership to discover enzymes for second-generation biofuels
European dependence on Russian energy fully exposed, once again
Indonesia's $12.4bn biofuels plan inaugurated today; CNOOC to invest $5.5bn
EU unveils energy policy for the 21st century: towards a 'low carbon economy' with renewables
China releases first-ever report on climate change
German consortium tests new biomass gasification technology, obtains record hydrogen yield
"Plants for power in place of nuclear power plants" - International Green Week
Bush's State of the Union: "twenty in ten", biofuel imports

Green car sales in Sweden seen quadrupling by 2012
Experts see 2007 as the year of biogas; biomethane as a transport fuel
The bioeconomy at work: Metabolix to build 50,000 ton per year PHA bioplastics factory
National survey in the U.S. reveals lack of knowledge about ethanol among consumers
The bioeconomy at work: bioplastics from plant-based oils
The bioeconomy at work: protein fibers from wheat gluten, similar to wool
Green Energy Resources sees ice storm damage wood as biomass supply

Green Energy Resources sees ice storm damage wood as biomass supply

In addition, the final week of the year, BIOpact has written a Looking back on 2006 series of articles summarizing worldwide factors affecting development in the biomass conversion industry by geographic zone:
Looking back on 2006
The year in review: Asia
The year in review: Africa
The year in review: Latin America

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