January 21, 2007

Cellulose Ethanol Market Potential Report

Recently published by Energy Business Reports this report may be of interest to some readers - I haven't read it yet. With all the renewable energy conferences and interest in cellulosic ethanol, we should expect to see more of these publications in the years to come.

See the linked webpage for table of content information. Here is their brief description:

Given its environmental and economic benefits, together with the vast availability of feedstock, ethanol has taken on prominence as one of the most favored alternatives to fossil fuel.

The Market for Cellulose Ethanol report is an in-depth analysis of the prospects for the use of cellulose ethanol as a fuel. The report includes a comprehensive analysis of how cellulose ethanol is produced, its cost-effectiveness, the growth drivers promoting the use of ethanol over other fuels, the barriers to market, and much more.

The report also focuses on the steps the U.S. government is taking to promote ethanol use, including tax incentives, funding for research and development, funding for technology, and other measures. The report also covers the basics of ethanol production; how ethanol differs from other fuels, and the benefits to consumers from using ethanol.

The Market for Cellulose Ethanol report is an analysis of this promising young industry and the market potential of ethanol as an alternative fuel source.

Includes a SPECIAL SECTION: A Guide for Developing Ethanol Processing Plants

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